Friends pay tribute to Vancouver woman killed in Kabul – The Globe and Mail

Friends pay tribute to Vancouver woman killed in Kabul - The Globe and Mail
One of the victims in the attack on a Kaul hotel on Thursday March 20, 2014 was Roshan Thomas, a Vancouver optometrist who founded a school in Kabul, according to friends.

Excerpt: One of the victims was Roshan Thomas, a Vancouver optometrist who founded a school in Kabul, according to friends.

“Everything that she ever talked about was just the beauty of the people there and the fact that such small gestures there could make a huge difference in improving the lives of others,” said long-time family friend Taleeb Noormohamed.

Senator Mobina Jaffer paid tribute to Dr. Thomas, saying on Twitter that her friend “worked hard for the betterment” of Afghanistan, especially its girls, and was about to become a grandmother for the first time.

The other victim was a woman from Calgary, according to the Aga Khan Foundation.

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2 thoughts

  1. March 21, 2014 – Nizarali Shivji

    QUOTE – KABUL—Two Canadians are dead after a brazen attack by the Taliban on a hotel in Kabul, according to a spokesperson from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    “Acts of terror must not go unpunished, and those who perpetrated this violence and those who support the Taliban, must be held accountable,” said a statement from John Babcock.

    “Canada condemns this brazen and cowardly attack on a hotel in Kabul. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of two Canadian Citizens who were killed in Afghanistan,” he added. – UNQUOTE

    The world is fully aware about the plight of Afghanistan; and all its efforts, investment, and betterment of Afghans people is not going to go in to vain! The Muslim extremists have been very wrong from the very beginning that the violence is on the answer to meet their autocratic aspiration to rule in Afghanistan. This violent behavior on part of the Muslim extremists will make the peace loving Afghans people will become more resilient and thwart this pugnaciousness!

    The Muslim extremists have to move away from this confrontation attitude and intimidating manner if they want to form a government in Afghanistan. Their draconian measures will only isolate them! These unjustly harsh actions on their part will never gain the support of peace loving people of Afghanistan.

    The international communities have invested billions of dollars for the betterment of Afghanistan. These efforts are jointly organized for improvement and furtherance of Afghanistan. Consequently, these harsh codes of laws by the Muslim extremists will not dissuade the United Nations, the International Communities, and the civil societies from the various countries.

    Today is a very sad day that we bow to our thoughts to remember those who have been killed in Afghanistan!! Our humble prayers are with the family and friends who are grieving their loss. It is hurting and lamenting for us but we are also rejoicing that these Canadian and others have not died in vain!!!


  2. ‘INNA LiILLAHI, WA INNA ILAIHI, RAJ’OEN—‘ May SISTER ROSHAN’S Soul Rest in Eternal Peace and may Allah lift it to the Highest Environs of Jannha.


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