Rare rock crystal ewer on display at Dallas Museum of Art

Rare rock crystal ewer on display at Dallas Museum of Art

A carved rock crystal ewer from the medieval Islamic world is now on display at the Dallas Museum of Art. The piece is one of only seven rock crystal ewers from Fatimid Egypt. The Fatimid dynasty ruled Northern Africa from 909 to 1171. Other ewers are in London, Paris and Italy.The piece is part of the Keir Collection, which the late art collector Edmund de Unger assembled over five decades. The museum has received a 15-year loan of the collection, recognized as one of the world’s most geographically and historically comprehensive. It includes almost 2,000 works in a range of media that spans 13 centuries.Adding this collection transforms the museum’s Islamic art collection into the third largest in North America. Items will be on view in various curated displays in the coming years by Sabiha Al Khemir, the museum’s first senior adviser for Islamic art.At a preview of the piece, director Maxwell L. Anderson emphasized the museum’s commitment to sharing important works of cultural heritage.“In times of trouble, it’s so important to build bridges of understanding,” he said.The ewer is on the third level of the museum, 1717 N. Harwood. Visit dma.org.

via Rare rock crystal ewer on display at Dallas Museum of Art | Dallas Morning News.

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