Reflection: Building on Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan’s work: Our Global Neighbourhood: If Not Now, then When?

Our Global Neighbourhood 2014 marks the anniversary of the presentation in Geneva of the report of the Commission on Global Governance to an audience of UN Secretariat, diplomats, NGO representatives and academics.

The Commission followed the footsteps of earlier commissions, often known by the name of its chairman: Willy Brandt on development, Olof Palme on disarmament and arms control, Gro Brundtland on the environment, Julius Nyrarre on North-South relations, and Sadruddin Aga Khan on humanitarian issues.

The book’s name comes from one of the hopes of the UN Charter: “And for These Ends … to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours.”

One of the innovations of Our Global Neighbourhood in contrast to the reports of other independent commissions was the emphasis on values and attitudes.

“We also believe that the world’s arrangements for the conduct of its affairs must be underpinned by certain common values. Ultimately no organization will work and no law will be upheld unless they rest on a foundation made strong by shared values. These values must be informed by a sense of common responsibility for both present and future generations.”

– Report of the Commission

Since relatively little has been done in terms of follow-up on the recommendations of the Commission, the book is worth re-reading today in the spirit of “Can it be done now, and if not, why not?”

Read more via Our Global Neighbourhood: If Not Now, then When?

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