Sports Diplomacy: North American Ismaili Games 2014: Jamats strengthening bonds of friendship through competition and seva

This Labor Day weekend, Chicago will play host to hundreds of athletes from across Canada and USA, cheered on by their families and friends as they compete in the very first North American Ismaili Games (NAIG).

The much-anticipated tournament is a platform to showcase our communities’ talented men and women, competiting in dance and over a dozen sports. The festivities are shaping up to be promising – fun and engaging. Come out and root for your team!

NAIG 2014

The organizers are looking for all college students to serve and become a part of the highly anticipated NAIG. So come join the host team, as we get ready to break boundaries and unite our community. Come unite the jamats, strengthening bonds of friendship through competition and seva (service).


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A: Via: 
1. North American Ismaili Games (NAIG)
2. Facebook page – North American Ismaili Games


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