Constellations | Retrospective: Artistic Renderings of the Aga Khan Museum, Ismaili Centre and their Park

These [Ismaili] Centres serve to reflect, illustrate and represent the community’s intellectual and spiritual understanding of Islam, its social conscience, its organization, its forward outlook and its positive attitude towards the societies in which it lives.”

– His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan,
Foundation Ceremony, Ismaili Centre, Duhsanbe, Tajikistan August 30, 2003

Constellations - Retrospective - Artistic Renderings - Ismaili Centre and Park
Artistic rendering of the Ismaili Centre, Toronto and it’s reflection at the Park of the Aga Khan Museum.


Aga Khan Museum will act as both a repository of heritage and a source of inspiration, complementing the work of the Global Centre for Pluralism in Ottawa, another new initiative of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, that seeks to share Canada’s experience of pluralism with the world. The Aga Khan Museum’s educational and cultural mission is to provide visitors with an understanding of the artistic, intellectual, scientific and religious heritage of communities, both Muslim and non- Muslim.


Constellations - Retrospective - Artistic Renderings - Aga Khan Museum and Park
Artistic rendering of the Aga Khan Museum and it’s reflection at the Park.


Connecting the Ismaili Centre and the Aga Khan Museum will be a beautifully landscaped Park, a simple yet expressive space that will unite the two distinctive buildings. The Aga Khan Park will incorporate the Islamic “chaar bhag” or formal garden with reflecting pools, walkways, and components suited to the climate of Toronto, so that the garden captures the stark beauty of the Canadian winter as well as the flowering of summer. It will include spaces for educational programming and outdoor gatherings as well as offering a place of tranquillity and relaxation.

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Adapted from – Aga Khan Museum + Ismaili Centre
Images courtesy of Imara Wynford Drive via – Click the link to view 21 additional images


Ismaili Centres Series (Perspectives on matters of Soul and Spirit)

Constellations - Ismaili Centres - Foundation Stone and Inauguration Ceremonies – Special Moments and Speeches of Mowlana Hazar Imam

Constellations - Ismaili Centres - Global Centres of Confluence

Constellations - Ismaili Centres - Architecture, Design and a Video Montage

Aga Khan Museum Series (Perspectives on matters of Intellect, Knowledge and Wisdom)

Constellations - Aga Khan Museum – Building a Knowledge Epicenter - His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan on the choice of Toronto

Constellations - Aga Khan Museum – Evoking Wisdom - Prince Amyn Aga Khan on Peace

Constellations - Aga Khan Museum – Triggering Intellectual Anxiety - Louis Monreal on the purpose of the Museum

Constellations - Aga Khan Museum – A Symphony of Light, Shadow and Geometry

Aga Khan Toronto Park (Perspectives on matters of Felicity, Humanity, Nature and Society)

Constellations - Aga Khan Park, Toronto – Garden of Paradise - Peace and Felicity

Constellations - Aga Khan Park, Toronto – Echoes of Paradise - the Garden and Flora in Islamic Art

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