Discovering Ismaili Centre, Toronto: An Architectural and Engineering Gem

Reporting from Toronto, Ismailimail is thrilled to share some images of the Ismaili Centre, Toronto and briefly talk about its unique features. 

Allah, Muhammad and Ali, followed by Panj tun PakThe Ismaili Centre, Toronto is a “precision designed building.” It is not only an architectural gem, but an engineering gem considering the technical details that were required to be solved to address fusing the vision of the project, the materials used in its construction, the talent required to build it and the geometry it forms – a myriad of things.

Many things can be discussed about the building but one that is absolutely striking is its roof. A glowing icon, indeed!

Made entirely of glass and connected with a structural skeleton of steel, the roof has no pillars to support it, except for the peripheral structure of the building. Considering the harsh Canadian winters and the varying climate of the four seasons that the building has to withstand, the importance of the roof to withstand all these pressures while protecting the building and the devotees inside during prayer times becomes even more pronounced.

The roof is one giant skylight, white in color and translucent in nature. It is double skinned with pressurized air in between to provide a controlled temperate climate inside the building.The outside “glass skin” consists of 7 planes, while inside the “glass skin” consists of 30-40 different planes. These varying contortions create an interesting effect with light giving the roof distinct colors.

This interplay of nature with what human beings have created makes one wonder about the mysteries of life. We conclude our discussion about this feature and encourage our readers to explore more on their own, discover new meaning and search for personal relevance in its meaning, as the Ismaili Centre inspires that personal commitment to search.

Is it not, then, one of the missions of this space to create an enabling environment for the devotee in their search for spiritual enlightenment?

All images copyright Ismailimail

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