Village in Action: Construction, Set-up and Walk Day Fun | AKF USA’s PartnershipsinAction Walk/Run in Atlanta

Wondering about the giant entrance of the Village in Action?

The gate and the canopies are components of the Humayun’s Tomb located in New Delhi. The Aga Khan Development Network is in the midst of a project that is not only restoring this amazing monument but also returning 50 other monuments in the area to their former glory, in the process revitalizing the surrounding community with health, education, small business, and other community initiatives.

ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica entrance

Vision – Model

ATL-PW-ViA-model showing where all the activities ATL-PW-ViA-model with Farzeens team


ATL-PW-ViA-activities construction ATL-PW-ViA-activities construction2 ATL-PW-ViA-activities construction3 ATL-PW-ViA-activities construction4 ATL-PW-ViA-activities construction5


ATL-PW-ViA-Setup - coming to lifejpgATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica coming to life

ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica entrance - being built

ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica entrance - CNN n ATL wheel in the background


ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb Entrance - CNN in the Backgrund

ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica entrance - American Canscer Society HQ

ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica entrance - ATL wheel in the background

ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica entrance - people

ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica entrance - people 2

ATL-PW-ViA-Humayun Tomb replica entrance - School -FCHS

PartnershipsInAction is an initiative of Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A. and its network of volunteers across the U.S. to raise awareness and funds for innovative programs that create hope and opportunity for disadvantaged communities in the developing world. –, Twitter, Facebook


The next AKF Walk/Run is on September 20th in Dallas and September 21st in Birmingham and San Antonio.

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