Farman Baig’s courage and determination

Farman Baig's courage and determinationFarman Baig has his roots in an ultra remote area of Gilgit/Baltistan in Northern Pakistan where the low literacy rate has been improving slowly as a result of efforts of the Aga Khan Development Network, specifically the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School program. Farman lost both parents when he was very young; his older brother, who is a teacher at a government school, encouraged him to strive for a good education. Farman aspired to be a school teacher like his older brother.

Farman got his early education at a government school where he learned English – he had to walk for four hours every day to get to and from school. When the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School opened in Gilgit, the very first Aga Khan school in the region, Farman wanted to attend this school, but did not believe that his competency was high enough to qualify for admission. However,with encouragement from his brother, Farman completed the application form and took a test, along with 700 other applicants. Farman performed well in the test and was admitted to the school, the first person from his region to attend this school. He studied pre-engineering, then took the exam for admission to the engineering faculty at the University of Lahore. Upon graduating as an engineer, he joined AKRSP and UN Pakistan as a project engineer. He then worked for an engineering company in Dubai for one year and was subsequently offered a position with Alhabtoor Leighton Group, a prominent engineering company responsible for the construction of Burj Arab, Dubai international airport, Abu Dhabi airport, and Habtoor city. In the company of 5,000 employees, Farman was recently selected as the best employee.

Ismailimail congratulates Farman on his accomplishments and wishes him success in his endeavors.

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2 thoughts

  1. Farman! Being your teacher , I have no words to express my happiness ….. Congratulations !!!! What I know and believe is you were the only deserving person . Sky is your destiny no limits , fly high and high.


  2. Farman we are proud of you . keep your hard work up . you will fly very high in the days to come .
    Wish you all the best
    Your teacher


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