Rahim Karmali – Captain Canada on Academics, Sports and Volunteering

Rahim Karmali, at the age of 26, is taking on several challenges, along with many part-time jobs; however three passions have helped him to achieve his objective.
Rahim Karmali

First, he is passionate about badminton. Over the past 20 years (since the age of 6) he has been playing badminton, competing at national and international levels; Rahim believes that the sport has definitely shaped his character and determination. He has won over 300 medals, honours and awards, over 20 provincial championship titles, and over 15 national elite tournaments. Rahim participated in the sport and won at the Canadian Ismaili games in Vancouver (2007) and Edmonton (2013), as well as at the Golden Jubilee Games in Kenya in 2008 (where he had the opportunity to play the sport he loves in the presence of Prince Hussein and the Noorani family). More recently, he participated in the North American Ismaili Games in Chicago (2014) where he won the badminton titles in both men’s singles and men’s doubles. AT the games in Chicago, Rahim was also given the title of ‘Captain Canada,’ which was thrilling!

Second, his motivation for elite performances in sports has helped him to excel in academics. Rahim enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program in high school at the College Ville-Marie, and graduated at the top of his class from Dawson College in Montreal. As a result, he received a scholarship to attend the University of Waterloo where he graduated with highest honors and athletic leadership distinction in Linguistics with an orientation on bilingualism. He then pursued graduate studies  in communications at the University of Ottawa. Having completed his Master’s thesis on the ‘legislation of multiculturalism’ and ‘second generation identities,’  basing his research on the Canadian Ismaili Muslim diaspora of Montreal, due to Quebec’s diverse Jamat.

Lastly, he has always been keen to volunteer. Since a young age, he has been raised volunteer within and outside the Ismaili community. Volunteering with the World Partnership Walk, the Ismaili Institutions for Canada, and the Aga Khan Council for Quebec and Maritime Provinces, he has always put his best foot forward to lend a hand whenever it was needed.

Rahim plans to take on bigger challenges/opportunities with the AKDN/AKFC in the future, and Ismailimail wishes him the very best in his endeavors.

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