Samandar Pulodov: In a blessed dream when the news of deedar come to you!

Ismailimail is proud to feature Samandar Pulodov, an Ismaili singer especially popular with the youth of the Tajik Isma’ili community and producing some of the most compelling performances. His songs fuse spirituality, traditions and nature. Samandar is affectionately called ‘The Pamiri Sami Yusuf’.

The Tajik-Pamiri jama’at of Badakshan was blessed with deedar of Mawlana Hazar Imam when he visited that region for the first time in May 1995. May 24th-25th, are forever etched in the hearts of the Pamiri jamat as days of barakah, with May 25 being celebrated annually as the Day of Nur, a very blessed day for the Badakhshani jama’at.

Samandar Pulodov: In a blessed dream when the news of deedar come to you!Ahead of Mawlana Hazar Imam’s 78th birthday, the song below is presented in a double commemoration of that blessed Day of Nur (May 25) and our Imam’s birthday. The translation of the first four lines is also provided for the convenience of our readers.

In a blessed dream when the news for deedar come to you.
That the poisoned world will change to sweet.
They (people) are worshiping and bowing their heads towards the earth.
If He – The only Light of God [on earth] begins his journey.

– Introduction courtesy: Fokhir Yusufbek

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Ismailimail encourages our readers to read the following posts commemorating the first time Mawlana Hazar Imam visited and gave deedar to the jamats of Northern Pakistan. In Northern Pakistan, this day of baraqah is celebrated as Salgirah.

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