Canada Leads the Way in Multiculturalism and Immigrant Acceptance |

London School of Economics study suggests that immigration and diversity is a directly linked to a nation’s success in entrepreneurship and economic development.

[…] And as other countries struggle with their immigration policies, Canada’s multicultural policies puts it on sound footing.

Whether they are arriving in Europe from across the Mediterranean, crossing the US-Mexican border, fleeing the conflict in Syria, or legally buying passports of various countries, migrants, who for whatever reason are looking to settle in the developed world, are never far from the headlines.

The increasing levels of migration worldwide has made regions noticeably more diverse, and as a result immigration has become one of the major policy issues of the 21st century.

Though the divisions between those for and against immigration have never been starker, evidence suggests that cultural diversity has a strong correlation with entrepreneurship, and that immigration is beneficial for a country’s development.

Canada’s multicultural policies arguably put it in a favorable position in terms of social and economic development. Canada even has a minister for multiculturalism, which is unthinkable in most other countries.

This attitude to multiculturalism was evident in the recent social experiment in Hamilton, Ontario, where, in a staged incident, bystanders repeatedly defended an actor dressed in traditional Muslim attire from the racist abuse of another actor. The experiment had to be stopped when the actor hurling abuse was punched by a local Canadian who took offence at his intolerant attitude.

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“Multiculturalism isn’t just about statistics, it is about attitude.

Henry Kim, Director & CEO, Aga Khan Museum (Image: Christopher Dew)It is about seeing diversity as strength.

Canadians believe that blending makes you better and stronger.”

– Henry Kim, Director & CEO, Aga Khan Museum

Also read  the complete op-ed at The New York Times |  The Opinion Pages | Bilingual Nationhood, Canadian-Style

Chrystia Freeland is a Liberal member of the Canadian Parliament.

A version of this op-ed appears in print on December 26, 2014, on page A27 of the New York edition with the headline: Bilingual Nationhood, Canadian-Style.

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