Power for the Afghanistan – Tajikistan border region

New cross-border power lines improve access to energy

The people in a remote region in the border area between Afghanistan and Tajikistan are finally slated to receive a reliable electricity supply.

To achieve this goal, new transmission lines will be built in Tajikistan to supply 4 Tajik villages and 17 Afghan villages with reliable, cross-border power.

The project, with a total volume of EUR 6.3 million, is jointly funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and Norway. The PATRIP Foundation (“Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan Regional Integration Programme”) formed by KfW Development Bank and the German Federal Foreign Office more than three years ago will implement the programme with the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

The Afghan/Tajik border region along the Panj River is not connected to the Afghan national power grid.

Power for the Afghanistan - Tajikistan border regionTo date, energy has only been supplied there sporadically by local hydropower systems or diesel generators. The Tajik villages were also without adequate energy for a long time because the Soviet power grid that existed until 1991 was destroyed in the civil war.

The project supports the Pamir Energy utilities company in guaranteeing cross-border power supply from the Tajik district of Rushan to the neighbouring Afghan districts of Shugnan and Darwaz.

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Both articles published 2015-01-12

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