Navid Nathoo & Alam Karim’s start-up acquired by Box Inc

Navid Nathoo & Alam Karim's start-up acquired by Box IncFebruary 20, 2015:, a startup that helps IT managers monitor their employees’ cloud applications, announced this morning that it has been acquired by Box.

Airpost Founder and CEO Navid Nathoo blogged on the company’s site that the 2-year-old start-up was being folded into Box because “it is at the forefront of secure content collaboration in enterprise, and we share a common vision for bringing user-driven products that increase productivity securely.”

Navid Nathoo (@navidnathoo) is a former Management Consultant of Aga Khan Foundation Central Asia. Alam Karim is a former CTO of ClearSP.

via TechCrunch: Box Acquires Cloud Management Startup Airpost
USA Today Money: Box acquires cloud management start-up Airpost
About Airpost:

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