Samir Lakhani: Director, Eco-Soap Bank

Samir Lakhani: Director, Eco-Soap Bank
LtoR: Ung Chanrattana, Samir Lakhani and Conrad Rees

Recycling Soap to Restore Health in Cambodia and West Africa: Mission, Vision, and History

Eco-Soap Bank is a humanitarian non-profit organization whose purposed is to save, sanitize, and supply recycled soap to rural village families. Their work embodies two main missions: to provide a steady supply of safe soaps to rural Cambodian schools, villages, and orphanages; and to reduce waste by recycling soap and water-bottles from hotels and guesthouses, in respect for the environment.

Their vision is clear: To envision a Cambodia in which every man, woman, and child has steady access to lifesaving soaps.

The Eco-Soap Bank is distinctly unique in that it is the only soap-recycling program worldwide producing recycled liquid soap and soap powder from partially used soap bars collected from hotels. Their access to raw material (generally regarded as nothing more than waste product) is limitless, and its impact infinite in rural communities.

The Eco-Soap Bank donates soap, and is partnered with several NGOs working to provide sanitation workshops to rural communities. They are of the belief that the provision of soap is not enough, and that it must also be paired with proper hygiene education.

The idea for the Eco-Soap Bank was conceived back in early 2014, when its founder noted a serious need for sanitation in rural communities, primarily soap for hand-washing. Collections of partially used soap bars from hotels began soon after, as well as distributions to village schools, orphanages and communities.

For more information, please take a moment to visit:

More detailed explanation of process and need for sanitation:

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