Ashaz Sabir nominated for the Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year for his “caring and giving heart”

AshazSabir“Ashaz carries the spirit of his grandmother, Ruby Moosa, who was known for her kind heart and helpful nature,” Shirin wrote in her nomination letter. She told The Villager he also sets a good example for his siblings, by being so selfless and helpful.

Ashaz is currently a junior volunteer at the Ismaili Mosque in North York. There he helps serve snacks, rolls up carpets after prayers and greets everyone as they come in. He also helps seniors to and from their cars and does is it all with a big smile on his face.

When asked why he likes to help others, Ashaz responded simply that, “it’s better than video games because it’s like you’re involved. You get to do it, instead of the (character in a) video game.”

More at: – Feb 20, 2015

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