Eventscape | Custom Architectural Fabrication: World Class Museum – Aga Khan Museum

The Aga Khan Museum is a world-class museum of Islamic arts and culture, the first of its kind in North America. It houses over a thousand artifacts and artworks spanning over one thousand years of history. Designed by The Pritzker Architectural Award winning Japanese architect, Furmihiko Maki, it has a minimalist approach with clean lines and white throughout. AKM - Eventscape - Building the extraordinary

Eventscape was contracted to develop a solution for the underside of a curving feature staircase. The complex curved shape of the stair soffit  was mapped digitally and  3D modeled to define and achieve the desired form. The clean white finish desired by the designers was accomplished by utilizing segmented ‘lofted aluminum” panels which were filled, finished and polished by hand to a final smooth finish.AKM - Eventscape - Stairs

Eventscape also engineered, fabricated and installed the giant fabric funnel curtain. A beautiful translucent off-white fabric with an 500% gather was used to create this elegant focal feature. The 14 ft x 14 ft bottom rail and the top 12 inch diameter metal ring used custom adjustable mounting brackets to attach the fabric.  Several prototypes were created prior to fabrication, to further define the ‘intangible’ elements of the design in collaboration with the architect, and to achieve the right combination of ‘loose and natural’ fabric drape while still maintaining the tight control of drape and gather required at the connection points.AKM - Eventscape - Canopy

Project: Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, ON
Design Architect: Fumihiko Maki & Maki and Associates
Architects of Record: Moriyama & Teshima
General Contractor: Carillion
Custom Complex Curved Stair Soffit and Fabric Funnel Curtain: Eventscape Inc.

All images courtesy of Eventscape Inc.

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