Afzal Habib | Top 30 under 30 | Corporate Knights

Afzal Habib | Top 30 under 30 | Corporate Knights

Afzal Habib

He had a six-figure salary at the Boston Consulting Group, where he advised Fortune 500 clients, but Afzal Habib was looking to inject more meaning into his work – and he did exactly that. Afzal quit his job in Canada, moved to Africa, and in just one year turned what many considered a crazy idea into Kidogo, a thriving, fully functional social enterprise with 22 staff. The company’s mission is to bring high quality, easy-to-access and affordable early childhood development (ECD) programs to poor developing-world communities. It does this by setting up full-service “hubs” in targeted communities that employ certified teachers and host up to 80 students. Those hubs, once embedded in a community, provide training, marketing and curriculum support for micro-franchised “spokes” created by locals in smaller, nearby villages. The first pilot hub in Nairobi broke even in less than a year.

In his words: “To me, sustainability is core to running a successful business, not just something on the periphery.”

via Top 30 under 30 | Corporate Knights.
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2 thoughts

  1. Hats off to this inspiring, impactful and intrepid initiative! Towards achieving a globally shared vision of sustainable progress, social justice and real results, much is being written about and contributed by individuals as well as organizations. But this is particularly exemplary and worthy of praise, for it touches the heart so profoundly with palpable, visible, meaningful Deeds. Mash’ Allah, may this example shine brightly across the world, a wake-up call for all to use their God-given means and their power of understanding, to strive for the achievement of human potential everywhere. and lead by example.
    Asante sana kwa upole na ukarimu yako, Kiongozi !


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