Hussein Janmohamed: Unlocking the Human Potential for Harmony and Peace through Choral Music

Hussein Janmohamed. Photo: Vincent Chan Invisionation Photography
Hussein Janmohamed. Photo: Vincent Chan Invisionation Photography

“I hear a lot from adults well what’s going to happen to our kids you know our kids are destructive and fragmented and all this,

And I say not at all.

Our young people have amazing strength. Our young people have hope. Our young people have talent and our young people have all the values we think that they don’t have.

We just need to give them a way to express those values and the tools to express them so they can do it positively.”

– Hussein Janmohamed at the TEDxTerryTalks on Choral Music: The Road to Harmony and Peace

About Hussein Janmohamed

Hussein Janmohamed is a Vancouver-based choral conductor, composer and community arts facilitator passionate about unlocking the musical potential of any group to sing together and generate intercultural understanding.

Hussein JanmohamedHe holds a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degree in Opera Production, and has now completed a second Masters in Music in Choral Conducting at UBC. He has sung with groups such as Chor Leoni and Laudate Singers and under such conductors as Diane Loomer, James Fankhauser, Graeme Langager, and Lars Kaario. He has conducted youth choirs, including the Ismaili Muslim Youth Choir in the presence of His Highness the Aga Khan, Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, and for a tribute concert in Honour of His Holiness Dalai Lama. Hussein conducted the Sarah McLachlan Children’s Choir which appeared in the Young Artists for Haiti video with K’Naan and other Canadian recording artists.

Hussein has collaborated with Sufi, African and First Nations musicians to present diverse choral music from around the world. His compositions inspired by the Muslim world have been premiered by eminent choirs in North America and Europe including the Elmer Iseler Singers, and The Esoterics. Most recently Hussein developed and conducted choral-based music collaborations in the USA for the Aga Khan Museum Toronto. Hussein currently conducts the Douglas College Chorus. He is called upon regularly to give choral workshops and clinics for choirs around BC. Hussein has been a presenter and speaker for many different organizations including TEDx Terry Talks UBC, Harvard University, UBC, and Wheaton College.

Hussein is convinced that through creative musical collaboration we can tap into a transcendent common humanity, while at the same time discovering the beauty of our own identity.


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