The Ismaili UK Ezine debuts

The Ismaili UK magazine, with its electronic version debut, leads the way to be more widely accessible to the regional and global community via electronic devices, save trees, reduce carbon footprint and waste.

Highlights of the summer 2015 edition includes:

The Ismaili UK - electronic version debut

  • Mawlana Hazar Imam’s visits to East Africa and India
  • Inauguration of the Aga Khan Park, Toronto
  • Thirty-year Anniversary of The Ismaili Centre, London
  • Ismaili Community Ensemble’s Spirit of the Phoenix performance
  • A New Beginning for Sweden Jamat as it opens a new permanent Jamatkhana in Stockholm
  • German Games Weekend
  • Dr Daryoush Mohammad Poor discusses his latest book ‘Authority without

The Ismaili UK magazine serves the community in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

“The Ismaili community, not just here in the UK, but around the world, the phenomenal work you do in terms of humanity and in terms of education again epitomises how faith is a force for good. May you be far more successful than you already are in your endeavours.

We will continue to work with you … and we will be with you in ensuring that the voices we’ve heard today do carry to all corners of our great island.”

– Concluding remarks of Lord Ahmad,
UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department for Communities and Local Government,
at the Ismaili Community Ensemble’s Spirit of the Phoenix performance.

Click here to read: The Ismaili UK Ezine

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