AKF USA experts Challenge Current Model of Development

WASHINGTON, Jun. 18 / CSRwire (The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire)

Leaders from top international development organizations gathered on June 23 in Washington, D.C., to address whether integrated programming creates a greater impact in communities around the globe.

Entitled Integrated Solutions for Meaningful Change, the event is organized by the Locus Initiative, a new coalition of international development stakeholders.

It featured a panel of experts from Aga Khan Foundation USA, Africa Capacity Alliance, FHI 360 and Pact, who discussed how their organizations are working to eliminate funding silos, identify shared approaches to measurement, and drive adoption of locally owned, integrated solutions. Panelists also shared examples of and lessons from integrated programs, as well as challenge current thinking around conventional funding models.

CSR Newswire: Development Leaders to Challenge Current Model of Development (AKF USA LOCUS)About Locus

Locus is an initiative of nongovernmental organizations, foundations and consulting firms dedicated to finding new solutions to development challenges, focusing on integrated approaches to development and a search for evidence-based, local solutions. To date, its members include Pact, IRC, FHI360, SNV USA, Africa Capacity Alliance and the Aga Khan Foundation USA. Locus is establishing a research agenda for integrated approaches that helps eliminate funding siloes, identify shared approaches to measurement and opportunities for scaling-up, provide evidence-based recommendations to share with influencers and policy makers worldwide and drive adoption of locally-owned, integrated solutions.

Via The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire | Development Leaders to Challenge Current Model of Development

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