Some more details on Richmond Jamatkhana, designed by Architect Farouk Noormohamed

Some more details on Richmond Jamatkhana, designed by Architect Farouk Noormohamed
Interior details of Richmond Jamatkhana, BC, Canada – This is a view of the foyer, taken from the second floor. Photo Hussein Charania

Richmond Jamatkhana Project Overview

Excerpt from City of Richmond Planning documents:

The [Richmond Jamatkhana] development proposal involves the consolidation of 5 properties totalling approximately 4.17 acres to support the construction of a two storey assembly hall of approximately 24,578 sq.ft. and accommodate up to 291 vehicles. The proposed facility is intended to serve the Ismaili Muslim population in Richmond who have been operating out of leased premises for over 25 years.

This new facility is intended to meet the needs of the local [Ismaili] Muslim community in terms of the provision of prayer space, religious education classes and for seminars and education sessions. The assembly building will include 5,500 sq. ft. prayer hall that has been oriented toward Mecca and a social hall on the first level. The second level will support nine class rooms for religious study, a library and a nursery. Outside are three outdoor courtyards adjacent to the building that will serve as gathering places and informal educational use.


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One thought

  1. mashallah. what a beautiful masterpiece by Itmadi Farouk Noormohamed again. In Richmond we have waited a very long time for permanent khana and this building is more than we could ever have hope for. thank you to Farouk and the Lalji family for this beautiful gift.


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