Global Encounters inspires service & leadership: Focus on Imaan Shivji

Imaan Shivji, is a  17 year old  from Vancouver, Canada, who attended  Global Encounters in Mombasa, Kenya this past summer.

Global Encounters is a camp held at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa for Ismaili Youth aged 15-17 from all around the world.  The mandate of Global Encounters is to expose youth to Service, Leadership, and Cultural experiences.

Imaan Shivji's Strumming for Schools

Imaan  was an active volunteer teacher at The Port Reitz School, a school for children who are physically handicapped or socially disadvantaged. After returning home to Vancouver in July, she decided to search for ways to continue to make an impact on the lives of these children in Mombasa. As a result, she has pioneered her own project to continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of the children from the Port Reitz School. As an experienced guitar player and singer, Imaan has started to perform on the streets of Vancouver to raise funds for the school.

As a result, she started her own fundraising initiative, Strumming For Schools. Through her non-profit organization, Strumming for Schools, Imaan aims to expand this initiative in the future to raise funds for multiple schools at the international and local level.

To date, she has raised $2,000 through busking and online donations on GoFundMe- Strumming For Schools.

Discover, Explore and Learn more to support the inspiring leadership of Imaan Shivji via:

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