Trudeau names Arif Virani, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Ottawa, Ontario 2 December 2015: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement after the appointment of 35 parliamentary secretaries:

“In order to build a country that works for everyone, you need a strong and diverse team. Today I have the pleasure of announcing that 35 remarkable Canadians will be taking on new and expanded responsibilities. These highly motivated individuals, who come from a variety of backgrounds and communities across our great country, bring a wealth of talent and experience to the table that will complement existing Cabinet strengths…”

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Trudeau names 35 new parliamentary secretaries - Arif Virani, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and CitizenshipPrime Minister Justin Trudeau named his 35 new parliamentary secretaries Wednesday afternoon.

In a document posted to the government’s website, Trudeau named Whitby MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes as his personal parliamentary secretary and appointed 34 others to assist with ministerial responsibilities including Arif Virani (Parkdale–High Park), Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.


Trudeau names 35 new parliamentary secretaries - Arif Virani, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and CitizenshipAbout Arif Virani

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (Parkdale–High Park)

Arif Virani, a former Ugandan Asian refugee, has spent the past fourteen years as a constitutional litigator, advocating for human rights and access to justice. Arif has worked as an analyst with the Canadian Human Rights Commission in Ottawa, an investigator at la Commission des droits de la personne et droits de la jeunesse in Montréal, and as an assistant trial attorney prosecuting genocide at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. Arif was one of the founders of Toronto’s legal aid clinic SALCO, the recipient of the 2001 Harold G. Fox litigation scholarship at the Middle Temple, London, United Kingdom, and the 2008 Wilson-Prichard Award recipient in recognition of his contributions to the legal profession and his community. Arif lives and volunteers in Parkdale-High Park. He is a member of the Redwood Shelter for abused women, regularly helps at the Parkdale Food Bank, is an active volunteer with Roncyworks, and has led community efforts to address mental health stigma. Arif has an Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from McGill University, and completed his Bachelor of Laws at the University of Toronto, where he graduated as valedictorian. Arif speaks English, French, and Hindi. He is happily married and the devoted father of two young boys.

17 thoughts

  1. Hearty congratulations on behalf of all Ismailis from Pakistan and all over the countries.We all proud of you.May Maula give success in each and every step you take for the betterment of whole humanity.Ameen


    1. I am so happy we have sach talented Ismail member working with Canadian government congratulations to you and all Ismaili in the world I am proud to be Ismaili Best wishes


  2. Congratulations. May you serve the government and its people just like imam Ali a. s. did during his time when he took succession of khilafat. So pure and border less. Arif virani wish all the best in your tenure.


  3. Congrats. You make all Ismailis proud. I’m sure the Imam is happy and proud of you on your achievements. May the blessings of Hazar Imam guide you in all endeavours azahramithand may you be blessed with success in your career!


  4. Congratulations to Arif on his recent appointment . We are a small Jamat in Australia . We are avidly following the changed political landscape of your great country Canada . Our new Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull and Mr Justin Trudeau have struck up warm relationship during recent summits around the world . The world is a better place with both these leaders around . May God grant them success in their political careers


  5. A good achievement. But we need to graduate from having Ismailis in politics being our heroes to Ismailis with real achievements such as in the sciences. We have to become a community recognized as composed of at least some intellectual giants. With an occasional Nobel prize thrown in.


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