Arusha Reunion 2016 Calgary

Arusha Reunion 2016 CalgaryThe Arusha reunion 2016 will act as a continuation and perhaps extension of the last reunion of 2010. This event will be a good opportunity for people from all over the world to reconnect with their fellow Arushanians. At the last reunion,people from all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania and the United Kingdom participated in the event.

Our goal for this year is to recreate our community we had in Arusha, as well as engage our youth and friends abroad to participate and build new lasting relationships.

More at the Source: Arusha Reunion 2016 held in Calgary. Registration now open

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One thought

  1. Very interesting
    Does it mean the investors go with Dual citizenship or a work permit that costs close to 2800usd
    for foreigners ,he is doing a great job for the country looks good .


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