“Scientists have an exceptional place in our history and civilization”, says Turkish President Erdoğan and rewards 3 scientists including AKU’s Dr. Bhutta with TUBA Award

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA) Awards Ceremony, held under the aegis of the Presidency at the Presidential Complex.


President Erdoğan presented their awards to Niyazi Serdar Sarıçiftçi, of Linz Johannes Kepler University, in the category of Basic and Engineering Sciences, Zulfiqar Ahmad Bhutta, of University of Toronto and Aga Khan University, in the category of Health and Life Sciences, Mehmet Genç, of Istanbul Şehir University, in the category of Social Sciences and Humanities.

AKU - Pakistan’s Dr Zulfiqar Bhutta conferred with Turkey’s 2015 International TÜBA Academy Prize - 2


“Science, wisdom, research, development and innovation will enlighten our path while building the New Turkey,” President Erdoğan said, expressing his belief that a notable progress would be achieved soon with the support of scientists.

Underscoring that he had closely monitored all projects of science, technology, R&D and innovation since his term as the PM, President Erdoğan said: “Scientists have an exceptional place and value in our history and civilization. The oldest university, we know, in the world is on these lands. The principal figures, the Western science refers to today in engineering, medicine and social sciences, are from our geography and civilization. In this regard, I would like to express that I value the Turkish-Islamic Science Culture Heritage Project of the TUBA for it will introduce the major scientific cultural and artistic works of our history to the new generations.”

Expressing that Turkey was not merely responsible for its own citizens, President Erdoğan said: “Our country and our nation have a responsibility to the Turkish world of 300 million people and to the Islamic world of 1.7 billion and to all humanity.”

Source: Presidency of the Republic of Turkey

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