Uganda’s leading investors: The Aga Khan and his various organisations and agencies

“For two generations now, those who care about African development have been seeking an important key, searching for the best way to improve the quality of human life by advancing the pace of economic development. One of the most promising outcomes of that search was the creation of a new set of venture capital institutions ready to invest in projects which traditional private investors were less likely to support.”

– His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan,
Inauguration of the Kampala Serena Hotel (November 10th, 2006)

President Yoweri Museveni made it very clear he regards the private sector as the chief agent in the recovery process.

WELCOME: The Aga Khan and his various organisations and agencies, is one of Uganda’s leading investors and a regular visitor to President Museveni. (Image via East African Business week)
WELCOME: The Aga Khan and his various organisations and agencies, is one of Uganda’s leading investors and a regular visitor to President Museveni. (Image via East African Business week)

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and its institutional predecessors have been working in Uganda for over 50 years. Over the past decade, AKDN has been expanding its activities in Uganda. In every endeavour, the aim is to help meet Uganda’s development needs with projects that are efficient, effective and which have a wide impact on the quality of life for citizens of the country.

NRM pegs private sector as partners – By Mulinde Musoke, Sunday, January 24th, 2016

… Although most Asians (expelled by Idi Amin in August 1972), did not return, some of their descendents decided to give Uganda a second chance. They reclaimed their property and began to explore areas of business.

Read more at the source: East African Business Week | NRM pegs private sector as partners

Earlier & Related

AKDN in Uganda

AKDN’s activities in the country now extend from large infrastructure projects that bring hydropower electricity to underserved regions to an early childhood education programme that assists poor communities create and maintain pre-schools. Its activities also include economic development projects that manufacture essential pharmaceuticals to an advanced nursing studies programme that provides professional career development and clinical training to nurses, and as recently announced world class university hospital. It is also engaged in other key industries such as agricultural packaging, finance, aviation, and tourism promotion.

AKDN Projects in Uganda

Social Development (Education, Health and Civil Society)

  1. Madrasa Early Childhood Programme
  2. East Africa Quality in Early Learning (EAQEL)
  3. Strengthening Education Systems in East Africa (SESEA)
  4. International Scholarship Programme
  5. Aga Khan Education Services (AKES – 4 Schools)
  6. Aga Khan University
    1. Institute for Education Development (IED),
    2. Advanced Nursing Studies programme (ANS)
    3. Improving Nursing Education and Practice in East Africa (INEPEA))


  1. Aga Khan Academy (foundation stone laid during Golden Jubilee visit in August 2007)
  2. Aga Khan University, Hospital (foundation stone laid in December 2015)

Economic Development

  1. Aviation Services
    1. Air Uganda
  2. Financial Services
    1. Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda Limited (JICU)
    2. Diamond Trust Bank
  3. Industrial Promotion Services
    1. West Nile Rural Electrification Company
    2. Bujagali Hydropower Plant
    3. Kampala Pharmaceutical Industries
    4. Uganda Fishnet Manufacturers Limited
    5.  Leather Industries of Uganda
    6. Smart Telecom
  4. Media Services
    1. Nation Media Group
  5. Tourism Promotion Services
    1. Kampala Serena Hotel
    2. Lake Victoria Serena Resort

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Research, Insight & Perspective by A. Maherali

One thought

  1. Agha Khan is the most authentic and genuine champion for the cause of human development of the poor, needy, helpless and underprivileged. No leader in the entire world invests in countries and communities unless the outcome directly benefits him. But Agha Khan’s investments are people-centric as if the beneficiaries are his own children.


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