Ashak Nathwani appointed University of Sydney (Australia) Director of Sustainable Design

Ashak NathwaniAshak Nathwani, a former NDY director of 33 years, has been appointed director of sustainable design, facilities management & building services in the Faculty of Architecture, Design & Planning at the University of Sydney.

“I will be looking after these degrees and certificates from all aspects including course content and student enrolments,” Mr Nathwani told The Fifth Estate. “I am now also a senior lecturer and coordinator of various units including BIM, mechanical services, building services, project management and operational facilities management.

“At the same time I have also been appointed a director of ARBS Foundation, involved with scholarships and grants for deserving HVAC industry participants.”

Mr Nathwani was also made an honorary associate this month at the university, for services over and above allocated duties.

Ashak and his brother Shiraz (left) being interviewed by the Australian press in 1972 upon arrival in Sydney, as one of the first Ugandan nationals forced to leave by the Idi Amin regime.
Ashak and his brother Shiraz (left) being interviewed
by the Australian press in 1972 upon arrival in Sydney,
as one of the first Ugandan nationals forced to leave
by the Idi Amin regime.

Mr Nathwani retired from NDY in 2011 after 33 years to pursue an academic career at the University of Sydney, taking on a director and senior lecturer role, and pursuing a PhD in comfort and HVAC systems.

Interview with Ashak Nathwani

While he may not be calling it retirement, after 33 years at leading engineering consultancy Norman Disney & Young (NDY), Ashak Nathwani is looking forward to the next great challenges in his life. In this candid interview with NDY Corporate Communications Manager Ric Navarro, Ashak talks about his legacy, his achievements and what lies ahead for the man highly respected among his peers.




Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

5 thoughts

  1. Well done Ashak for the achievement of such a marvellous work and make
    family proud . Wishing you and your family good wishes to fulfil this big task ahead & still cannot believe.
    We are all your brothers and sisters from all ove. Rajabali&a banu Nanji & family


  2. We are very proud of our younger brother Ashak for his marvellous achievement .always pray to Mawla for
    his success and fulfil the very hard task ahead. We all had left Uganda during the Exodus in 1972,with very
    short notice of two/three months,leaving almost empty handed with families. With His mercy,and prayers of
    our beloved parents (God bless their souls),all families have settled down in almost six cities. On the other
    hand our son Minaz became Graphic Designer at Aiglemont for last 30 years and we are very very much
    proud.Lastly it is worth mentioning that I had left after the dead line and became so familiar even@Nairobi
    with Count Eboo for expediting the task of emigrating murids by many sources with Mawla’s mercy,ameen!


  3. Mashaallah. So proud of you, Mukhi Saheb. I knew you were going places when you were made a partner back in very early 80’s just before I left Sydney.
    Best wishes to you and your family.
    -Nadir S Madhani (Chicago)


  4. Dear brother Ashak ,Dinomite…well done…bravo..bravo…bravo…keep going a had ,very proud of you ,shamim and whole family , remember this ? DUNIYA ….VI SAL. HAi…. All the best , and lots of love. Mansur , Doli. &. Family


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