AKU is working to build better futures by creating child-friendly spaces in the neighborhoods of Nairobi

AKU is working to build better futures by creating child-friendly spaces in the neighborhoods of NairobiWe often imagine the future as some misty, remote untouchable horizon. We imagine the future as an eon constructed by agents unborn or presently inactive in the extant moment. Nothing could be more delusional. The future is the collective creation by acts of genius or blunder by those alive today.

There are myriad inescapable extant realities that fundamentally define the future. However, I would like to focus on two; the youth bulge and urbanisation. In particular, the convergence of the two has consequential implications.

Our part of the world is the least urbanised subregion of Africa. But today, the pace of urbanisation is fast and unprecedented. The rate of urbanisation in Kenya is estimated at about 4.4 per cent, which is 62 per cent higher than the annual rate of Kenya’s population growth. Moreover, we are a very youthful country, with a median age of about 19 years. Some estimates show that even by 2050, the median age will be only 25 years.

In a few years a majority of Kenyans will be urban dwellers. Consequently, most Kenyan children will be born and raised in an urban environment. However, a majority of residential neighbourhoods in urban areas are informal and squalid. Poor water and sanitation, slum-like housing, and a lack of open spaces for recreation and play often characterise the urban neighbourhoods where most Kenyans live.

The East African Institute of Aga Khan University in partnership with Korogocho-based and youth-led K-Youth Media are deploying video and photography in a social purpose storytelling campaign to raise awareness and motivate public dialogue, consensus and action on open, child-friendly spaces in densely populated neighbourhoods of Nairobi’s Eastlands.

Read at the source: By Alex Awiti – May 03, 2016 – The Star, Kenya



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