Prince Hussain Aga Khan’s photograph featured in National Geographic Indonesia

Salamander is an animal with a lot of unique qualities such as it never ages, it exists since the days of the dinosaurs, and more.

Salamander has many unique like appearance that never ripen. ( Hussain Aga Khan / National Geographic Indonesia )

Other interesting facts:

  • The oldest salamander species lived alongside the dinosaurs in Jurassic era
  • North America has more than 150 species of salamander
  • Giant salamander grow more than five feet long

More details at the source –  Accelerate your awareness …. Discover, Explore and Learn more via:

National Geographic Indonesia | Fakta Mengejutkan tentang Salamander => Shocking facts about Salamander

Prince Hussain Aga Khan – Fine Art Photography

Prince Hussain Aga Khan, an avid environmentalist since he was 12 years old and photographer since he was 22, recently established FOCUSED ON NATURE to share his passion and personal mission of conservation and the urgent need for more research and actionable initiatives on global issues negatively impacting the environment.

Collections of his photographs have been published in 2 books, Animal Voyage in 2004 (a new editions was printed in 2007) and Diving into Wildlife in 2015.

Some of Prince Hussain’s recent photographs have appeared in several National Geographic Blogs.

Prince Hussain Aga Khan’s Ocean Wildlife Photography

Prince Hussain has placed his entire portfolio at the disposal of FOCUSED ON NATURE, a part of which is being offered for sale. Benefits from sales of these limited edition photographs and books are donated to environmental organizations and efforts.

Research, Insight & Perspective by A. Maherali

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