Tackling Built Environment Challenges With Participatory Design

Maryam EskandariBy Maryam Eskandari

While the purpose of design is to understand the challenges, architecture is supposed to solve those challenges and make a contribution to society. The role of architecture is to give form to the places we reside. We, the architects, are to give aesthetic quality to the places where people live, regardless of economical, political and societal constraints. We are to give “Life”. Life is not just about satisfying basic needs, a goal we sometimes struggle to achieve today, as witnessed by ongoing refugee and immigration crises around the world. Rather, life is what architecture achieves when it creatively marshals the scarce resources of a community and transforms a mere shelter into a home. The architect’s mission is to work within the boundaries, reshaping them into optimal forms. Architecture is about and for the people.

Source: Maryam Eskandari – Open Architecture Collaborative


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