What We Hold Dear: The Musical Legacy of the Sufis – Indian Summer Festival at the Ismaili Centre Burnaby

What We Hold Dear: The Musical Legacy of the Sufis - Indian Summer Festival at the Ismaili Centre BurnabySufi music is the sound of Islam’s mystical inner dimension. At once spiritual and ecstatic, Sufi music reflects some of the most accessible, liberal and pluralistic traditions of Islam. Today it is contained in a variety of forms – from Qawwali (made popular the world over by musicians such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) to the Kafis of poet saints like Bulle Shah, to a contemporary version some refer to as ‘Sufi Rock’.

Master musician Chugge Khan, born in the Thar desert in India, is a living repository of more than a thousand songs, and a master of many instruments. He has played with a wide range of musicians (from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to AR Rahman, to Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead) on stages all over the world including the Fez Sacred Music Festival and Womad.

Join Chugge Khan and key members of his musical collective Rajasthan Josh at a special evening in the beautiful courtyard garden of the Ismaili Centre in Burnaby. In an informal lecture/demonstration format, they will take us on a journey of the poetry, instruments and songs that inspire them. This event follows from the concert ‘Songs of the Desert Sufis’ and provides a deeper understanding of how Sufi music and poetry continues to influence our contemporary lives. Guiding us with musical context (and translating from Hindi and Urdu to English) is Mohamed Assani, himself a musician of renown and a noted member of Vancouver’s musical community.

Presented with support from the Ismaili Centre Burnaby

The Ismaili Centre Burnaby is part of a network of 6 Ismaili Centres around the world, including Centres in London, Dubai, Dushanbe, Lisbon and Toronto. Collectively, they are symbolic markers of the permanent presence and core values of Ismaili communities around the world. They are bridges of friendship and understanding, and serve to enhance relationships among diverse peoples, communities, government and civil society. For more information about the Ismaili Centre, Burnaby, please visit their website.

Source: What We Hold Dear: The Musical Legacy of the Sufis – Indian Summer Festival

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