Students Shazia’ Ayn Babul and Ezaan Mangalji participate in Vancouver Model United Nations 2016

Shazia’Ayn Babul - DirectorShazia’Ayn Babul – Director

Shazia’Ayn Babul is currently in grade twelve at Sentinel Secondary School, and she is extremely excited to be participating in VMUN 2016. Shazia’Ayn first discovered her passion for human rights and international relations when she joined MUN in grade eight. Outside of MUN, Shazia’Ayn has a wide variety of interests and enjoys music, art and traveling, and has had the opportunity to experience firsthand many MUN issues. She is honored to be serving as the Director of the G20 this year, and is looking forward a stimulating and exciting debate. She would like to wish all the delegates good luck!

Ezaan MangaljiEzaan Mangalji – Chair

Ezaan Mangalji, a grade 12 at St. Georges School, is the perpetual little brother to those he engages with. Ezaan was first labeled with this social trait when he was so short that he was literally blown away in the wind. Aside from his personality, Ezaan has been a passionate MUNer for the past two years, where he grew an attachment to the ambiance, the rousing debates, and the unique ability to work together to answer some of the world’s most pressing issues. As School Captain of St. George’s School he is avidly involved in Student Government, and is always up for a mean game of Cricket. He likes to spend his time binge watching Netflix, playing with new technology and virtual reality, terribly cooking food, and doing cancer research in a lab downtown. Overall, Ezaan hopes to create a playful yet productive atmosphere for all delegates of G20.


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One thought

  1. Congratulations to you all for participation in the MUN The UN is the only viable body for world peace today with some flaws. Your group of G20 represent a bright future for our Country and Jamath Keep it up May Mowla guide you in your endeavors and studies Amen Sincerely Farouk Verjee


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