Important to preserve our past, says Ismaili engineer

Important to preserve our past, says Ismaili engineer

By Sultan Jessa

Lisbon – PORTUGAL: Everyone should make a special effort to preserve past history.

“It is very rewarding,” said Aminsultanali Kachra. “I am glad I did this.”

The retired Ismaili civil engineer is willing to help like-­minded people to discover their ancestry if they need any assistance.

Kachra was born in 1948 in the former Mozambican capital of Lourenco Marques (now Maputo).

He was aware his grandfather Karmali Ahmed Kachra ventured to Mozambique in search of a new beginning.

Amin Sultanali
Aminsultanali and wife Yirgina in India

After moving to Portugal in 1973, Kachra accompanied by his wife Yirgina (Alibhai Chagan) decided to visit the birthplace of his grandfather.

His grandfather was born in Junagadh in Gujarat.

“I wanted to know the finer details about ancestors.”

He started his own private Web site and displayed information gathered with photographs.

Kachra insists it is important for everyone to know their past history.

Anyone interested in past history can contact Kachra directly for help or assistance.

Kachra’s contact is

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