Ismailis urged to think of investing and doing business in Tanzania

Ismailis urged to think of investing and doing business in Tanzania
President of Tanzania John Magufuli

President John Magufuli urges former Arusha Ismailis to think of investing and doing business with Tanzania

By Sultan Jessa

Ottawa: Ontario – President Dr. John Pombe Magufuli has urged former Arusha Ismailis to think of investing and doing business in Tanzania.

“By doing so, you will be showing gratitude to a country you once called home.”

President Magufuli made the remarks in a special congratulatory message to former Arusha Ismailis who will be gathering in Calgary, Alberta, starting July 29 for the three­day reunion, the second major full­scale event since 2010.

In the joint message, President Magufuli and Tanzania’s High Commissioner to Canada, Jack Mugendi Zoka, extended heartfelt congratulations to Ismailis who lived in Tanzania in the 1970s.

“It remains a fact that reunion offers the platform to reflect life in the past, as well as you know that old is gold. It also offers the opportunity to take stock of what you have achieved in your new countries of residence and chart the way forward.”

President Magufuli noted that regardless of many years since Ismailis relocated to different countries, they still have great fond memories of Arusha in particular and Tanzania in general.

The president noted that despite the fact that many have acquired different nationalities he is convinced hearts and minds of many Ismailis have passion for Tanzania.

Ismailis urged to think of investing and doing business in Tanzania
Tanzanias High Commissioner to Canada Jack Mugendi

This, he added, is substantiated by the fact that many will attend the second reunion and there will be many others in years to come.

The Tanzanian president said that children of many former Arusha residents might not know Tanzania was the country where all were groomed.

President Magufuli also assured everyone Tanzania government’s commitment to continue working with all Ismailis closely, and recognizing them as pertinent development partners as the country bents on fighting against ignorance, disease and poverty.

President Magufuli and High Commissioner Zoka wished all former Arusha Ismailis continued good health, happiness and prosperity in whatever they are doing.

The President in particular also reminded them of the need for unity as one of the important factors for success.

“If you remain in unity, the sky will be the limit.” He said.

Reunion activities will include a meet­and­greet reception, a picnic, a special brunch and a gala banquet.



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5 thoughts

  1. I spent a year, as a dentist, in Arusha. It was great then, and even greater now and will be a great success story in the future. I believe it has tremendous potential. I miss Arusha. I wish the reunion great success.
    Dr. Nizar Verjee,


  2. Thankyou for sharing, hope those who wish to do business with Tanzania will be successful and i agree with
    the reply above, the Tanzania Government should agree to dual citizenship as is the case in Uganda and Kenya.


  3. First eliminate corruption in your government, make property rights sacrosanct, and make the weak, corrupt judiciary truly independent, subject to the rule of law, where contract laws are impartially adjudicated. We have many very good investment opportunities in other parts of the world where such investment risks are not present. We would be fools to invest in Tanzania just because of our heritage or nostalgia.

    In other words, provide the basic rights and conditions conducive to attract business investments, and you will not have to go around begging people to come and invest in Tanzania.

    And while you are at it, compensate those of us whose properties you expropriated under Nyerere’s 25 plus years of failed Ujamaa polices. There was a reason why we fled Tanzania. Since then corruption is even more rampant, and the rule of law is almost nonexistent. And you are asking us to come back to such a country!! No, thanks.

    We do not want to be part of your corrupt system where our morals would have to be coopted in the ordinary course of business. I am sure some can make money if they are willing to have their morals coopted; count us out.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tanzania is a country where ther is peace and love every Tanzanian is proud to be a Tanzanian becouse he has peace in what ever he does every thing is possible to be done in a place where we have peace and love for each other I belive if we have unity nothing goes wrong investing in Tanzania will be something very great provided one follows the rules and regulations which are placed by the govment of tanzania


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