Maclean’s “Canada’s Stories” selects Sheliza Kassam to represent the year 1997

Maclean’s just published their Canada Day edition (where they celebrated one person per year that was born in that year). Sheliza Kassam was chosen to represent 1997 and the work of her charity, “Children’s Birthday Miracles” (CBM) was recognized. CBM celebrates birthdays for underprivileged children in Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Nairobi, Cusco and Dar-es-salaam.

Maclean's "Canada's Stories" selects Sheliza Kassam for the year 1997

Those who have witnessed history—and those making it now—share incredible stories of triumph, tragedy and unwavering patriotism.

‘A girl my age had never celebrated a birthday before’

Sheliza Kassam wants every child to have the best birthday ever

Maclean's "Canada's Stories" selects Sheliza Kassam for the year 1997

When Sheliza Kassam took the first bite of her 12th birthday cake, the young Calgarian broke into hives and could hardly breathe. Her parents took her to the hospital, where she grumpily complained about how her allergies had ruined her birthday. “My parents essentially told me that I was even lucky to have a birthday party,” she recalls. “There were a lot of people in the world who don’t get that opportunity.” Sheliza took those words to heart, spending her next three birthdays serving breakfast to the homeless. On her 16th, Sheliza asked herself, “What can I do to make a difference—something someone hasn’t thought of yet?”

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