Álvaro Siza Brings the Alhambra to Toronto | Azure Magazine

Álvaro Siza Brings the Alhambra to Toronto | Azure MagazineAzure Magazine spoke to acclaimed architect Álvaro Siza about his Visitor Centre, soon to be added to the site of the historic Alhambra in Granada, Spain, and the Toronto exhibition that chronicles its progress.

When the Alhambra’s new Visitor Centre – the creation of Pritzker-winner Álvaro Siza and local architect Juan Domingo Santos – opens in Granada, Spain, in 2020, it will be a decade in the making, and a crucial addition to one of the most historic sites in Europe.

Source: Álvaro Siza Brings the Alhambra to Toronto – Azure Magazine


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  1. Planning to check this out: The Alhambra has the Persian-style Chahar Baag garden(30 Quranic verses refer to “gardens under which rivers flow”, a physical symbol depicting paradise or heaven). The structure is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world(of the order of Paris’s Eiffel Tower, the most photographed place on earth). People describe it as a very ‘pleasing’ structure to look at both outside and inside. This is because its Islamic architects and builders have riddled the entire megalith with intrinsic mathematical harmonies that are pleasing to and resonate with natural harmonies in the human brain. These and other visionaries tried constantly to mimic the fundamental mathematical God-given harmonies ever present in Nature and the Cosmos. When I saw the Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia for the first time I emerged from the tour refreshed and in tune with its mathematical harmonies which in turn made me aware of the same kind of harmonies in Creation.

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