Midwestern Ismaili Council Welfare Board under Aging Gracefully Initiative: iPad Class Graduation Ceremony in Chicago

By Irfan S. Ali

Midwest social welfare board under the new aging gracefully initiative (AGI) conducted a two month iPad class for its senior members in Chicago land area. This course was geared towards teaching the seniors of the Jamat on how to use iPad/Tablet. This initiative was well received by the senior members of the Jamat as this program taught them the ability to stay connected with today’s ever-increasing dependency on technology. “This was a great morale booster”, said one of the participant. “Not only I learned something new, I am elated that now I can stay connected with my family and friends back in India. I now know how to use Facebook and Skype along with many other useful applications that come handy in day-to-day life. I am glad I took the initiative to join the class and extremely humble to the institution, Teachers and organizers for providing such opportunity.”

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