Student Rahina Damji comments on ‘Hunger Banquet’ to emphasize inequalities in our world

Student Rahina Damji comments on 'Hunger Banquet' to emphasize inequalities in our worldBy Rahina Damji, Round Square Prefect 2015-16 on 27/04/2015

Students from St. Mildred’s-Lightbourn School, Canada hosted a ‘Hunger Banquet’, a powerful event that brings to life the inequalities in our world and challenges us, as the more fortunate, to realize how our decisions affect others in the world. Few leave a Hunger Banquet with full stomachs, but all leave filled with a greater understanding of the problems of global hunger and poverty and the motivation to do something about it.

The Hunger Banquet is a dramatization of the inequitable distribution of food and resources in today’s world. Despite the fact that enough food is produced to feed twice the world’s population, more than 842 million people are chronically hungry.

Read more at the source: Hunger Banquet – Round Square International

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One thought

  1. What an impressive initiative started 50 years ago. It must make participants humble, caring, compassionate and generous. God Bless for continued success. Yes, Round and Square can peacefully co-exist. Would like more schools to join.


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