(Kindle Book) Sadick H Keshavjee: How to put your Assets In Trust, even in Wills

(Kindle Book) Sadick H Keshavjee: How to put your Assets In Trust, even in Wills“This book acts as a watershed on a topic mostly, if not all the time, treated with awe. It is a simple, analytical restatement of the basic legal principles both on substantive and practical probate law.

The book is dotted with hallmark court decisions reproduced in simple form to assist any reader. After all, case law is the principle ingredient of probate practice. Nevertheless, the author has managed to put across the message about the vitality and complexity of probate law and practice

Whilst briefly tackling this very demanding topic of validity of dispositions, the author makes a curious reader understand the future need for a greater in-depth analysis of this topic.

In a subject as complex in language and construction as probate law, the author has meticulously used concise simple language with constant fluency that any reader interested in this important subject will find the book worth reading and educative. The book’s most poignant message is that one must make a Will and not only a Will but a valid Will for the sake of posterity.

Sadick H Keshavjee has studied law at the University of London and is a full practicing member of the Canadian Chapter of the worldwide Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Not only does he have practical experience, but he has written several articles and a reference booklet and has conducted training seminars on this subject.

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