Sarah Thawer, The Girl Who Amused A.R Rahman

Sarah Thawer, The Girl Who Amused A.R RahmanThere won’t be too many musicians on the planet who would have turned down the invitation to perform with the Academy Award winning music director A.R Rahman. But Sarah Thawer, a young Canadian girl couldn’t believe it and she thought it was a spam or prank played by someone to fool her and she simply turned it down. But later by the time she realized that it was an authentic call from A.R Rahman, it was too late. Years passed by and Sarah was Busy with her Congas, Bongos, Cajon’s etc and had already prepared herself into a musician par excellence by releasing some amazing drum cover videos with a decent viewership.

Sarah Thawer, The Girl Who Amused A.R RahmanIt was in the mid of 2015 that the Mozart of Chennai Visited Canada for two day concert. Sarah with the bitter memories of missing an opportunity to perform with ARR decided to attend the concert and she managed to get the tickets for the first concert itself. Post concert Sarah met Rahman and explained the later story of turning down the Coke Studio invitation, but what happened after that was unbelievable for Sarah, as she got the invitation to perform live in the second of his two concerts in Canada. It was held in Toronto at Sony Centre for the performing arts. Sarah was invited onto the stage by A.R Rahman himself and she did a four minute jamming with the guitar prodigy Mohini Dey and won the heart of thousands gathered there. Since her first show at the age of 6, Sarah Still considers this as one of her most memorable stage performance.

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