Faiz Jan: Nepean teen gets a taste of politics at Queen’s Park

Faiz Jan: Nepean teen gets a taste of politics at Queen's ParkNepean teen Faiz Jan spent three weeks in May rubbing elbows with provincial lawmakers at Queen’s Park, and is returning to school with a new outlook on the political process.

Student returns to school determined to work his way up to becoming prime minister

School will soon be back in session, and while many Canadian teenagers used summer’s downtime to rest their bodies and their brains, others, such as Olympic gold medalist Penny Oleksiak and Nepean teen Faiz Jan spent the season pursuing their passion.

Faiz, 13, edged closer to his goal of becoming prime minister over the course of three weeks back in May when he joined other Grade 7 and 8 students in Toronto for the provincial legislative page program at Queen’s Park.

Each year, approximately 140 high-achieving students from across Ontario are chosen to serve as attendants in the provincial legislature.

[…] For Faiz, the program marked the beginning of a summer that would see him fill his days volunteering for Heritage Canada, the junior Ismaili Volunteer Corps, and Ottawa MPPs Lisa MacLeod, a Conservative, and Yasir Naqvi, a Liberal cabinet minister.

Source: ottawacommunitynews.com

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