Sadick Keshavjee: Do Your Own Arbitration

Sadick Keshavjee: Do Your Own ArbitrationDo Your Own Arbitration

Back Cover – About the book

“At a time when resolving disputes in courts can be prohibitively costly and slow, this guide to arbitration — as part of the process of “alternative dispute resolution” — is especially timely. It takes the reader through the full range of issues involved, in language that is eminently accessible, and a style that is inviting and peppered with worldly wisdom. As a bonus, the author draws on his professional experience at the community level to explain the workings of conflict resolution…. in the sophisticated institutional context of a contemporary community practice.

Highly recommended!”

— Dr. Amyn B. Sajoo, Simon Fraser University, Canada

About the author

The author had studied law with the University of London. He then embarked on writing a book on the law of Wills and Trusts. Whilst it was based on Kenyan law, Kenya being formerly tied to the “British empire” had the origins of its laws from the UK, as is the case in Canada.

This book received accolades from the then Attorney General’s office and has been recommended as a reference book for several years for law students, lawyers and law makers.

As a firm believer in alternate dispute resolution systems he studied to become a member, followed by becoming a fellow of the renowned Institute of Arbitrators of England.

Not only has he conducted numerous arbitrations but has written several articles on the subject, conducted training seminars on this subject.

He was Chairman of the Aga Khan Conciliation Arbitration board of Kenya, part of the International Conciliation and Arbitration Board with its network of Boards in north America, Western Europe, Africa, and the Indian sub-continent.

He has made several submissions not only to this prestigious board but to governments, movers and shakers. He has endeavoured to be, on the one hand, brief so as not to clutter the mind of the novice, but has given in as simple a way as possible a large segment of the vast array of principles of this law.

Included is a treatise on the origins of this process, the different kinds of alternate dispute resolution processes and the advantage over State Controlled Dispute resolution processes- The courts. He has also included reference to “the Power of an apology”, discussed online ADR systems, and discusses its origins in Islam, a religion that has perked the interest of the west, of a religion that is so widespread and yet so misunderstood.

More important he has tried to expound a more altruistic view of dispute resolution using apt “Words of wisdom”. He tries to show that as Shakespeare put it “to obtain a pound of flesh”. Or to do it for the sake of revenge is not the right way to go.

Arbitration is a more formal, involved ADR process which whilst gaining importance is the least understood process. He endeavours to make arbitrators or parties to an arbitrators out of novices with the least amount of effort. He endeavours to demystify this creature called “Arbitration” He includes a glossary of terms His appendix not only contains sample agreements, rules etc but has sample arbitration clauses, not only for regular contracts but for Company constitutions, wills, and marriage contracts!!

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