Tawfiq Jamal: Richmond league standout helps Canada win at Ismaili Jubilee Games

Tawfiq Jamal with dad Azim Jamal
Tawfiq Jamal and his proud dad Azim after Canada’s gold medal win in soccer at the Jubilee Games in Dubai back in July.

One of the top players in the Richmond Adult Soccer Association helped Canada strike gold this summer on the international stage.

Tawfiq Jamal was a member of the Canadian team that captured the men’s soccer competition at the Jubilee Games in Dubai back in late July.

The Jubilee Games are held every four years and brings Ismaili Muslims from around the world together to celebrate their excellence in sport.

The inaugural Games were held in Kenya eight years ago. The third edition attracted an estimated 2,000 athletes from 28 countries to compete in 15 individual and team sports.

Canada’s gold medal run concluded with a 2-1 victory over Tajikistan. Canada led all countries in the final medal standings with 63 in total, including 21 gold.

Jamal is no stranger to success on the soccer pitch. Last season, he received the Golden Boot Award in the RASA Premier Division after leading AC Richmond to an undefeated season that culminated with capturing league honours for the very first time.

Source: richmond-news.com/sports


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