Ties of Bandhana: The Story of Alladin Bapu | Author: S. Giga Patney

Ties of Bandhana: The Story of Alladin Bapu - Author: Safder Giga PatneyThe journey of a family from Gujarat on the west coast of India, to East Africa.

A story of a pioneer family, their gains, losses and fortunes.

1898: Alladin Giga and his wife, Prembai leave with their children from the port of Verawar in Kathiawar for the German colony of East Africa. Twenty years later, Alladin travels back to India to visit his village.

1914: The First World War. Tanganyika becomes a British Protected Territory.

1960’s: Tanganyika gains its independence and unites with Zanzibar to become Tanzania.

Alladin and Prembai’s children disperse to different parts of the world.

This version of the book is research and history for readers in the family and friends. For the wider reading public, a version titled: In Search of My Grandfather’s Bones, is to appear later this year. The longer version merges elements of fiction and creative writing with the story of Alladin Giga Patney and Prembai Ibrahim Teja.

Source: www.amazon.com/Ties-Bandhana

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