Henry Corbin on the story of Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice

aga-khan-jodidi-lecture-akdn-photo“Here again the whole body of Ismaili Gnosis may be taken as a guide. By this Gnosis, Ishmael is regarded as the Spiritual Heir, the Imam who holds the secret of the Gnosis, while Isaac is a Veil: the veil or screen of the Letter which is placed before the Imam. The relationship between them corresponds to the fundamental distinction between the appointed and permanent Imam (mustaqarr), and an Imam who is merely a depository or curator (mustawda), established as a kind of protection during periods of danger and apparently performing the functions of the true Imam, while the latter remains hidden. Ishmael was the Upholder of the mystical meaning, of the esoteric science of ta’wil, while Isaac was before him as a Veil, maintaining the science of tanzil, of the revealed Letter and of positive religion. The same relationship is perpetuated in the course of their respective lineages…Whereas Moses established a new Law (shari’at), a new positive religion, the descendants of Ishmael continued and transmitted the esoteric message of Gnosis.”

– Henry Corbin, (Temple and Contemplation, 167)


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