Leif Larsen Music Centre Altit Hunza participate in the ‘Roof of the World’ (Bam-i-Dunya) festival Gulmit, Hunza

With much appreciation by the audience, the youth students of Leif Larsen Music Centre, Altit Hunza, participated in the ‘Roof of the World’ (Bam-i-Dunya) festival at Gulmit, Gojal Hunza, held on 25th September 2016. The boys and girls performed different local music with instrument of Rubab and Sitar. The Leif Larsen Music Centre was opened during the month of May 2016 for the local communities to organize different festivals and music event. This centre was constructed by the CIQAM – a social women enterprise, and funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Aga Khan Music Initiative.

Asghar Khan


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