Ginan Series: Ginan bolo re nit – Recite Ginans everyday!

Ginan Series: Ginan bolo re nit - Recite Ginans everyday!Ismailimail in collaboration with Karim Maherali launches a Ginan series which will contain a transliteration and translation of a chosen Ginan. This will serve to promote the understanding of Ismaili Tradition to the wider Jamat and hopefully prepare us for the Diamond Jubilee of Mawlana Hazar Imam. Your comments and suggestions for improvement and further discussion are welcome.

Ginan bolo re nit


Eji Ginaan bolo re nit noore bhariyaa
Evo haidde tamaare harakh na may ji……1

O momins! Recite Ginans everyday, for they are filled with Noor. You will have unbounded joy in your hearts.

Comment: Noor is the light of knowledge and wisdom which renews and refreshes the soul and hence is a source of great happiness.


Eji Saamiji aaviyaa naa aavaaj huvaa
Evaa aagal thaki kidhaa tamane jaann ji…….2

O momins! The sounds of the arrival of the Lord are heard. For you have been given such foreknowledge.


Eji Aagaa ne tope hiraa jagmage
Jaanniye te ubho Gokul maa(n)helo kaanaji…….3

O momins! The crown upon the head of the Most High is studded with diamonds. It is as if Lord Krishna of Gokul is standing infront.


Eji Noorane teje Aly aagero
Saamine teje saamu(n) na jovaayaji……..4

O momins! Aly is in the forefront radiant with Noor. The radiance of the Lord is so intense that it cannot be observed.


Eji saari sambhaari harne aagal dharo
Evo nit rang bamannero thaaeji……..5

O momins! Submit your dues diligently to God. Thus both of your lives (material and spiritual) will be enriched everyday.


Eji Tamaari beddie Allah raajio
Sinche tamaari garib jamaat ji….6

O momins! Allah is pleased with your boat. He showers his gifts upon your poor Jamaat.

Comment: In this verse, the Pir is addressing the Imam and the boat signifies the vessel with the load of a simple and humble Jamat sailing across the ocean of material existence.


Eji Tamboli vinaa vannse paand-ddaa
Tem gur bhirmaa vinaa vannase jamaat ji……7

O momins! Just as the leaves will wither away without a gardner, in the same manner the Jamat will wither away without the Gur Bhrama.

Comment: Gur Bhrama is the first primal guide also called the Pir in our tradition and the bearer of the Noor that created the universe, hence he is also called the Creator (Bhrama).


Eji Sukrit karjo viraa aa juge
Gur bhirmaajinaa japjo motaa jaap ji……8

O momins! Perform good deeds o courageous ones in this world and remember the exalted word of the Gur Bhrama.

Comment: Since the Gur Bhrama himself is the Creator, his word serves as a powerful means of purifying and preparing oneself for the ultimate destiny of the soul – union with the Beloved.


Eji Jamin aasmaan saahebe jugate jaddiaa
Evo haidde tamaare harakh na maae ji……..9

O momins! The Lord has created the earth and the heavens purposefully and skillfully . This will give your hearts unbounded joy.

Comment: In other words creation is meant for our ultimate good.


Eji Pir Sadardin boliyaa venati
Saami raajaa gatiyun taarannhaar ji……10

O momins! Pir Sadardeen has spoken this entreaty. O Kingly Lord save the Jamat for you are indeed the savior.



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9 thoughts

  1. Thank you for this email on ginans, since MHI has said to us that this is a wonderful tradition which we must keep on an on going basis.
    Since we have also new borns and kids growing in our jamat ginans should be an on going learning with meaning in every Ismaili home wether it’s jubilee or not.
    Lastly our REC is doing a fabulous job as well as our literature desk providing us with CD s for learning ginans which driving either my son to school or enjoying a long trip with the family.
    Thank you


  2. All our Ginans are in Gujrati, Sindhi, Saraiki, Hindhi or Urdu language and our present generation of western world hardly understand the meanings of our Ginans. This is the right blog and will help our youngsters to understand the meaning of our of Ginans.


  3. Mubaraki. You are doing superb work. Please write translation of Girbhavali Granth, also different Raga of our ginans. I mean each ginan is of which Raga. As our Pirs have mentioned, Eji varan chatis ane sur betalis bhakhya…….


  4. Thankyou so much, many people recite ginans without knowing the meaning, as a child, i always learnt a ginan
    and asked my uncle to teach me the meaning, that makes it even better when you recite a ginan.


  5. An excellent initiative,very timely and it could have very broad and long range educational impact on the level of Ginanic knowledge that the jamat currently has and the future impacted level of knowledge of Ginan,when you really recite Ginan from the bottom of your heart with love, devotion and and understanding the meanings of them,it is my personal exp one is in a different world that is on much much higher level,we wish you great success in your efforts,all the future generations would benefit from these initiatives tremendously.


  6. Ya Ali Madad. Its a very good gesture of starting Ginan Series. My humble request is if you could also upload the Raag. All the 3 things: Script/Meaning and Raag if made available on the same platform it will help all the youngsters who want to recite with understanding & devotion.


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