Ginan: Duniya Sirajine Shaah More – Having created the world my Lord

By Karim Maherali

The Ginan Gist

Ginan: Duniya Sirajine Shaah More - Having created the world my LordThis Ginan is about the purpose of creation which for an Ismaili is devotion to the Imam of the time. It evokes imageries depicting the extremities of the consequences depending upon whether one fulfils the purpose or not. On the one hand, one will be tormented by the fiery and excruciating pain of hell if one is forgetful of the purpose, whereas on the other, if one is aware of the purpose and behaves accordingly, he will enjoy the perfect heavenly abode of paradise. This radical contrast in the respective destinies is reflected in the Quranic verse that is recited at the beginning of Ziyarat-e-Mayat in Jamatkhanas after the burial rites of a deceased murid:

A’uzu billahi minash-shaytanir-rajeem
La yastavi ashabun-naari wa ashabul jan’nah
Ashabul jannati humul faizun

I seek refuge in Allah against the accursed devil
In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful
Not equal are the Companions of the Fire and the Companions of the Garden
It is the Companions of the Garden, that will attain Felicity (59:20)

Duniya Sirajine Shaah More

Audio: Duniya Sirajine Shaah MoreFarida Karmali – Maheboob Chaglani

Translation, Transliteration and Commentary

eji duniyaa sirajine shaahaa more ana upaayaaji
pavan paannee paydaa keedhaajee…..1

Having created the world my Lord produced food. He also created air and water.


eji kahore jiv tame kis kaarann aayaaji
na kidhi saahebjini srevaaji…..2

Ask your own selves(souls) for what purpose have you come in this world if you have not devoted yourselves to the Imam.

Holy Qur’an (44:38-39)

We have not created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them in play. We have not created them but for a serious end, but the greater part of them understand it not.


eji duniyaano lobh jivddo karavaane laagoji
duniyaane lobhe bharame bhuloji…..3

The soul has indulged itself in the greed of this world. For the sake of the greed of this world and delusion, it has forgotten (it’s essential purpose).

Holy Qur’an (89:20):

And you love wealth with inordinate love.


eji bhulo te maathaano bhejo kaane nisarasheji
til tilnaa lekhaa saaheb lesheji…..4

If you have forgotten, then your brain will protrude from your ears. The Lord will take account of every little thing done.

Holy Qur’an (29:23):

Those who disbelieve in the revelations of Allah and in (their) meeting with Him, such have no hope of My mercy. For such there is a painful doom.


The sun will blaze with hundredfold intensity of heat. Even a mother will not be able to recognise her own son.eji sohosoho karanni-e tiyaa(n) suraj tapasheji
maai na kaheve putra meraaji…..5

The sun will blaze with hundredfold intensity of heat. Even a mother will not be able to recognise her own son.


eji jumloji puchhe aapannaa jivu(n)naa pirne
amaraapurinaa ghar chhe kevaaji…..6

The Jamats ask the Pir of their souls: what is the nature of the eternal abode?


eji sonaani i(n)ttaddi ne rupaanaa tha(m)bhaji
saav kasturi keraa gaaraajee…..7

The bricks are of gold and the pillars are of silver. The plaster is of pure musk.

Comment: The splendor is given by bricks of gold and pillars of silver. The fragrance is given by pure musk.


Upanga Jamatkhana
Upanga Jamatkhana, built at the site of Diamond Jubilee of Mawlana Sultan Muhammad Shah

eji evaa evaa mohol apanne saahebe upaayaaji
karanni kamaavo to e ghar paamoji…..8

Such are the mansions our Lord has built. Earn good deeds so that you may earn such an abode.

Holy Qur’an (39:20):

But it is for those who fear their Lord. Those lofty mansions, one above another, have been built; beneath them flow rivers: (such is) the Promise of Allah: never does Allah fail in (His) promise.


eji bhanne pir sadardin sunno gati-u momano
karanni kamaavo to evaa fal paamoji…..9

Pir Sadardin teaches: listen o momins of the congregation. If you earn good deeds, such will be the fruits you will attain.




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