Edo Japan Brooks, Canada, operated by an Ismaili family from Afghanistan, receives 2016 New Business of the Year Award

Edo Japan Brooks, Alberta, Canada, operated by Barakat and Amina Allaudin, and daughters Hasina and Rosmina, received the 2016 New Business of the Year Award. The award was presented by the Brooks & District Chamber of Commerce.


The restaurant was opened in Brooks on October 10, 2015 by two individuals with complementary business skills and shared interests, who wanted to work together to improve the quality of life of their respective families and the community in which the business operates.

One partner moved to Canada approximately forty years ago due to political turmoil in Uganda. Barakat moved to Canada with his family approximately fifteen years ago, as refugees fleeing the war in Afghanistan.

The partners stated that “Our inspiration to open a business was based on the strong complementary business skills that each partner possesses. We wanted a way to contribute to Canada, and the people of Canada, who have welcomed us from varying difficult backgrounds and situations. We chose this particular business because it offers a product that is fresh, nutritious and great tasting. It satisfies one’s food appetite and the meal also contributes to one’s physical well-being.”


Edo Brooks
Amina, Barakat, Gul Mohamed (Barakat’s father), Rosmina, Hasina, and staff. Photo: Edo Brooks

During the past twelve months, the business partners have been involved in a variety of community-related events including:

On October 9, they invited over 75 leaders of the Brooks community, business neighbours, and many business partners involved in the construction of the restaurant, for an evening of appreciation and to also introduce their new business to them. Over the year, thanks to the generosity of their guests, they have donated funds to  the Brooks Food Bank as well as to the Red Cross to assist families displaced by the wild fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta. The organisation has partnered with five schools in the community, sponsoring monthly and year-end events.

Edo Brooks
Owners of Edo Japan Barakat and Amina Allaudin, present Brooks Food Bank manager Gwen Cameron with $550 raised during the opening two days of the restaurant. Photo:Sandra M. Stanway/The Brooks Bulletin

The organisation has also partnered with the Brooks Bandits, an ice hockey team in the Alberta Junior Hockey League, supporting them through sponsorship of various activities such as Player of the Month, Fan Give Away Prize for every home game, Halloween Festival, Home Stay Family appreciation day, providing meals to the teams on their away-games.

Barakat and his partner hope to continue to become integral members of the Brooks community by partnering with more businesses, schools, sports teams and non-profit organisations in the community.

Edo Japan Brooks is located at 645 4th Street West, Brooks; telephone 403-501-3991.

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