Adil Dhalla: How to be An Ally: Islamophobia at the Intersections

How to be An Ally: Islamophobia at the Intersections is organized by the Centre for Social Innovation Regent Park and Equity Educator/Artist, Rania El Mugammar and will take place on November 28th at Daniels Spectrum in Regent Park.

Adil Dhalla appointed Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) TorontoThe event is for anyone wanting to learn about how we can address Islamophobia. It will include a panel discussion and Q&A that explores manifestations of Islamophobia in the context of Canada from the lens of diverse folks with spiritual, ancestral, religious, cultural and familial connections to Islam. The event will focus on community organizing strategies, building safe spaces for Muslims from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences and addressing the different ways in which Islamophobia manifests itself at the internalized, interpersonal and institutional levels.

How we are doing this

The full cost to the event is $17,575 but after in kind contributions and generous contributions from the Inspirit Foundation and Artscape, our costs are now $2,969. For full transparency, our financial breakdown as well as where we are still seeking in-kind contributions can be found here:

Adil Dhalla: How to be An Ally: Islamophobia at the IntersectionsTo make up the remaining $2,969, traditionally we would sell the 300 available tickets. However, we believe that it is critical to create accessible, accountable and meaningful events and are experimenting with new models to remove the barriers and inequities in our old ones. Typical ticketing to events bias to those with greater privilege and they also tend to devalue the time spent on those taking on the risk and investing their time towards initiatives that improve community health. So, we are trying something new here and have created a Tilt campaign to make up the difference.

I have personally contributed $250 towards the campaign to reach this target but any amount or in-kind support that you are able to contribute would be most appreciated.

Thank you

All contributions to the campaign, regardless of size, will be recognized on stage and on event literature. In addition, you will be provided with 2 VIP event tickets for financial contributions between $1 – $249, 5 VIP tickets for those between $250 – $499 and 10 VIP tickets for those $500 and higher. Your VIP tickets include entry into the event and an invitation to a private pre-event chai to meet and greet with your fellow contributors and their guests.

Most importantly, you will have created positive impact by enabling this event to happen and ensuring that it is completely accessible to everyone who wishes to attend and be part of the important conversation on how we address Islamophobia together.

Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions!


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, its achievements and humanitarian works.

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